The syllabuses for each acadmic year compile all the relevant information about the faculties and schools, their teaching organization, the studies and practices offered by them, among other matters of interest.

Each of the Undergraduate Degrees and Master's Degrees has a syllabus that describes all the aspects of the plan: the objectives, the competences that the student will gain, the plan itself, the methodology, the catalog of teaching techniques and the teaching activities.

The syllabus of each Degree compiles all the relevant information for the student about the offer of studies of a certain Degree, and about each of the subjects that compose it

Furthermore, the student will find general information on the center in which the studies are taught and the teaching and researcher staff of each subject of the syllabus, which will be taken throughout the academic year.

The syllabuses of each Degree of the University of Oviedo have been made following the guidelines established by the European Higher Area of Education (EHEA). The syllabus is a basic tool of the European System of Credit Transference (ECTS) to reach the goal of promoting European cooperation as a guarantee of quality, through the development of unified methodologies and criteria.