About the Undergraduate Degrees

The Undergraduate Degrees offer the students an academic formation related to a specific area of knowledge, which will prepare them for the future development of their professional careers.

The majority of the Undergraduate Degrees offered are composed of 240 ECTS credits, divided into four years of 60 credits each, with the exception of the Degree in Medicine, which has a duration of six academic years (360 credits) and the Degree in Dentistry (5 years/300 ECTS credits). The Undergraduate Degrees have been fully adapted to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), and are structured following the guidelines of the Royal Decree 1393/2007, dated October 29.

The University offers 51 Undergraduate Degrees fully adapted to the EHEA for all the fields of knowledge

In terms of their contents, of the 60 credits of each course, at least 36 will be devoted to the specific field of knowledge to which the Degree belongs, and they are settled on subjects of 6 or more credits. The students may request the recognition of at least 6 credits for participating in university activities related to culture, sports, student representation, solidarity and cooperation.

If external internships are required, these will have a maximum length of 60 credits and will be carried out, if possible, during the second half of the Degree. In regards to the Master's Thesis, aimed at evaluating the competences associated with the Degree, it comprises between 6 and 30 credits and will be done during the final phase of the studies.