Undergraduate Degrees

Oferta 2021/2022

  • Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources

    General Information


    The duration of the Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources is of 4 years. The minimum number of credits needed to obtain the degree is 240 ECTS credits.

    Responsible Center:

    Modality: Attendance required

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Distribution and Credits:

    • Basic Formation: 60
    • Compulsory Subjects: 144
    • Elective Subjects: 30
    • Undergraduate Thesis: 6

    Registration fees for first-time enrollment in a full course:  771,12 €

    Access and Career Opportunities

    Profile of the New Student
    • Recommended High School modalities with the PAU examination passed: Humanities and Social Sciences.
    • Higher Grade formative cycle.
    • Access examination for people Older than 25, 40 or 45.
    • University degree.

    Future students must have a cross-curricular perspective, a capacity for negotiation, and be committed to the society they live in, with organizational and leadership skills and an active attitude that seeks to promote their communicative abilities.

    Professional Opportunities

    Professional outlets include the management of human resources, labor-legal consultancy, intervention in the labor market and development and labor policies and other specific areas such as labor health, socio-labor auditing, Social protection policies and Career counseling.

    Perfiles profesionales:

    • (Private and public) Enterprise.
    • Public administration
    • Study services and research centers.
    • Self-employment
    • Consultancy.
    • Teaching and/or research.

    Characteristics of the Center

    Premises and services

    Apart from the classrooms and the administrative services, the Faculty is equipped with computer rooms, demonstration rooms, library, laboratories, reading rooms, meeting rooms, lockers, Wi-Fi connection, cafeteria, etc.

    Mobility and international relations

    The Faculty of Economics and Business offers more than 150 ERASMUS grants and has agreements with more than 60 universities in different countries. It has developed specific agreements with centers in Germany, USA and Mexico. The ERASMUS Internships program.

    Internships, employment and tutorial action plan

    The Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources offers its students the chance to have internships in enterprises during the fourth year. New students will be assigned a tutor if they need counseling.

    Further information

    Justification of the Degree

    In modern societies, human work is a central reality of a decisive importance in the economic, political and cultural spheres. It is, moreover, a complex phenomenon that must be approached from very diverse scientific perspectives: legal, economic, psychological, sociological, etc. Therefore, employment and labor relations, to be adequately understood, require an essentially cross-curricular approach. The proposed Degree is the only one that takes up said object of study in an integral way and with said cross-curricular vision.

    The following factors can be seen as evidences of the academic, scientific and professional interest and pertinence of the Degree:

    • The long-standing experience of the University of Oviedo in the establishment of this kind of studies. The Degree in Social Graduate were established in Oviedo in 1942, date that marks the beginning of the Social School of Oviedo. This Center, dependent from the Ministry of Labor, but closely related to the University, established Seminars of Social Studies all throughout the North of Spain, which later on were the seed of many other schools (León, Santander, Gijón, Bilbao, San Sebastian and Torrelavega). The Social School was integrated into the University of Oviedo with the Royal Decree 1342/1988, dated November 4, with its name changing in 1994 to the University School of Labor Relations. It currently offers the Diploma in Labor Relations. In 2001, the University of Oviedo established the Bachelor's Degree in Labor Sciences, offered since then by the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences. The Undergraduate Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources aims at joining both Degrees, reformulating their contents and methodology to adapt them to the current needs of a professional of employment, labor relations and management and direction of human resources.
    • The social and economic characteristics of the zone of influence of the Degree (the North of Spain and mainly the Principality of Asturias), heavily industrialized, with a deeply-rooted worker's movement and a consolidated and advanced system of labor relations, both from the point of view of the conflict and negotiation, make the offer of this type of studies very adequate. The strong industrial reconversions experienced during the last few decades and the complex perspectives given by the global economic landscape only reinforce the need to educate university professionals in the world of labor who are every day more qualified.
    • There are, moreover, plenty of national references, both for the Diploma in Labor Relations and for the Bachelor's Degree in Labor Sciences, two Degrees clearly consolidated in the Spanish university landscape with a long tradition that dates back to the creation of the Social Schools in 1926, and important contributions to the academic sphere, such as the creation of the first studies of Labor Law and the introduction a cross-curricular perspective in the study of human resources, labor accidents, the labor market, etc. Today, the Diploma is offered in virtually all of the Spanish universities and the Bachelor's Degree in more than 30 of them. Also, almost all of the universities plan on establishing, or have already established, an Undergraduate Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources. The demand of these studies, although it has suffered from the general decrease of university students of the whole Spanish system, maintains a high level. This way, for example, the newspaper El Mundo includes each year Labor Relations in its "Special supplement of 50 Degrees" as one of the most demanded ones by Spanish students.
    • There are also many important European and international referents. The White Book of the Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources has analyzed the offer of related Degrees in the European context of the studies in Labor Relations and Labor Sciences that are offered in our country. To do this, it has conducted a study in 25 countries of the EU, paying special attention to those that offered a similar Degree to those available in Spain. This way, a total of 28 Degrees have been compiled to be studied, offered by 21 European institutions of higher education, that we list here. Although the name varies between the different countries, it is more a matter of nomenclature rather than contents, since, upon closer inspection, they are vere similar.
      • GERMANY
        • UNIVERSITY OF TREIR. Bachelor's Degree in Labor Sciences (Human Resources).
      • BELGIUM
        • UNIVERSITÉ LIBRE DE BRUXELLES. Diploma in Labor Sciences and Bachelor's Degree in Labor Sciences.
        • UNIVERSITÉ CATHOLIQUE DE LOUVAIN. Bachelor's Degree in Labor Sciences.
      • FRANCE
        • UNIVERSITÉ LOUIS PASTEUR-STRASBOURG. Diploma in Advanced Studies in Labor Sciences.
        • UNIVERTITÉ NANCY 2. Diploma in Advanced Studies in Labor Sciences and formation.
        • UNIVERSITÉ DE TOULOUSE 1. Diploma of Specialized Higher Education in European Law and Labor Sciences.
        • UNIVERSITÉ DE VERSAILLES SAINT-QUENTIN EN YVELINES. Social and Economic Administration: Human Resources.
        • UNIVERSITÉ DES SCIENCES ET TECHNOLOGIES DE LILLE. Master's Degree in Development of Human Resources
      • IRELAND
        • UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN.QUIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies. Specialities: "Industrial Relations/Human Resources" and "Administration".
      • ITALY
        • UNIVERSITÁ DEGLI STUDI DI SIENA. University Diploma in "Consulente del Lavoro", Laurea in Consulente del Lavoro.
        • UNIVERSITÁ DEGLI STUDI DI ROMA "TOR VERGATA". Master's Degree in "Consulenti del Lavoro"
        • UNIVERSITÁ DEGLI STUDI DI FERENZE. European Master's Degree in Labor Sciences. "Laurea di Primo Livello" in Industrial Relations. University Diploma in Industrial Relations.
        • UNIVERSITA DI PALERMO. FACOLTA DI GIURISPRUDENZA. University Diploma in Industrial Relations. "Laurea Trennale" in Industrial Relations.
        • UNIVERSITÁ DI BOLOGNA. Laurea Triennali in Consulente del Lavoro. The term "Consulente di lavoro" is hard to translate to English, but it refers to a figure that is very similar to our Social Graduate.
      • MALTA
        • L-UNIVERSITÁ TA MALTA. Diploma in Industrial Relations.
      • PORTUGAL
        • INTS. SUPERIOR DE CIENCIAS DO TRABALHO E DA EMPRESA (ISCTE). Bachelor's Degree in Management of Human Resources. Master's Degree in Labor Sciences.
        • INST. SUPERIOR DE CIENCIAS SOCIAIS E POLITICAS. Bachelor's Degree in Labor Sociology.
        • ESCOLA DE GESTAO. Master's Degree in Management of Human Resources.
        • UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK.WARWICK BUSINEES SCHOOL. Bachelor's Degree in Management. Master's Degree in "European Industrial Relations".
        • LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS. Bachelor's Degree in Direction of Human Resources and Labor Relations.

    We cannot forget the different Degrees in Industrial Relations or Labor Studies of the North American universities. Among them, we can see Cornell University and Queens College of New York, and the universities of Harvard, Illinois, Pensilvania, Massachusetts, Wayne, Toronto, Montreal, etc.

    Finally, there are plenty of professional outlets related to the field and contents of these studies, such as legal-labor counseling; management and direction of human resources; prevention of labor risks or intervention in the labor market. Among them, the collegiate profession of the social graduate is noteworthy. This profession, well-established and respected in our country, and which has clearly defined and recognized functions, requires the graduate to join the corresponding college of the province and being in possession of the Diploma in Labor Relations or Social Graduate. The lack of a specialized Degree in the field of labor would make it impossible to meet this requirements and would difficult the contuining existence of said profession.

    Termination of the Curriculum

    Adaptation to the Undergraduate Degree

    During the time when the characteristics of the regulations that, in general terms, will be created by the University of Oviedo are not yet know, and always seeking to avoid that the students may be negatively affected by this process, a procedure for the adaptation to the Degree has been designed, as detailed in the following table:

    Bachelor's Degrees that are supressed by the establishment of the proposed Undegraduate Degree:

    The establishment of the Undergraduate Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources of the University of Oviedo means the conclusion of the current studies of the Diploma in Labor Relations, both at the University Center (Resolution of August 8, 2000, BOE 09-08-00) and at the Associated Center (Resolution of July 24, 2000, BOE 31-08-00), and the studies of the Bachelor's Degree in Labor Sciences of the University of Oviedo (Resolution of August 8, 2000, BOE 09-08-00).