Undergraduate Degrees

Oferta 2021/2022

  • Degree in Nursing (Associated Center)

    General Information


    The duration of the Degree in Nursing is of 4 years. The minimum number of credits needed to obtain the degree is 240 ECTS credits.

    Responsible Center:

    Modality: Attendance required

    Teaching Languages: Spanish

    Distribution and Credits:

    • Basic Formation: 60
    • Compulsory Subjects: 72
    • Elective Subjects: 18
    • Compulsory External Internships: 81
    • Undergraduate Thesis: 9

    Registration fees for first-time enrollment in a full course:  975,12 €

    Access and Career Opportunities

    Profile of the New Student
    • Recommended High School modalities with the PAU examination passed: Science and Technology.
    • Higher Grade formative cycle: Field of Healthcare Professions.
    • Access examination for people Older than 25, 40 or 45.
    • University degree.

    New students of the Degree in Nursing should have received a basic formation in Sciences and Health Sciences, and a solid ability of written and oral comprehension and expression. Furthermore, they must show and interest and motivation for looking after people and a disposition towards observation, analysis and reflection. They must be able to adapt to new situations, behave according the norms and show an active attitude towards learning and teamwork.

    Professional Opportunities

    The graduate in Nursing will be capable of developing their career in private and/or public fields:

    • Assitance: hospitals, health centers, old people's homes, enterprises.
    • Teachers: University, Professional Education.
    • Research.
    • Public Administrations: Ministries of Labor, International Relations (International Cooperation).
    • Armed Forces
    • Penitentiaries
    • Self-employment.

    Characteristics of the Center

    Premises and services

    Located at the premises of the Hospital of Cabueñes (Gijón), it has the following services: classrooms, computer room, library, demonstration room, meeting room, changing rooms, administrative services.

    Mobility and international relations

    Currently, there are plans for agreements with European Universities to offer ERASMUS mobility stays. Furthermore, there are agreements with the majority of Spanish universities for SICUE mobility.

    Internships, employment and tutorial action plan

    Students of the Degree in Nursing (Associated Center) of the University of Oviedo will have external internships at the Health Services of the Principality of Asturias (SESPA), the Red Cross and the Hospital de Jove Foundation.

    Further information

    Justification of the Degree

    Interest and academic suitability of the Degree

    From an academic perspective, the beginning of the Undergraduate Degree in Nursing presents a relevant interest, since it implies an improvement of the formative profile of the professional of Nursing. The incorporation of new competences to be acquired during the Degree in Nursing, such as the use of IT technology, the communicative skills, immersion in another language, and teamwork, among others, translates as a greater approach to the current needs of society. The increase in the teaching hours of the Degree in Nursery, completing the formation with an academic course for older people, including a clinical practicum, apart from the introduction of the methodology of research and an Undergraduate Thesis, bring close Spanish nursing to the European standards.

    The studies in Nursing of the University of Oviedo started during the 1978-1979 academic year with the program that led to the acquisition of the Diploma in Nursing. During the 2004-2005 academic year, the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing has been positively evaluated by the institutional evaluation program of the ANECA.

    Termination of the Curriculum

    Adaptation to the Degree

    While waiting for the general regulations by the University of Oviedo, and always seeking to prevent students from being affected by the process, a process to adapt subjects has been created and detailed in the following table:

    View table of adaptation to the Degree

    Programs that cease to exist after the proposed Degree is established

    The establishment of this Degree by the University of Oviedo carries the supression of the current: Diplomatura en Enfermería tanto en el Centro Propio (Resolución de 22 de septiembre de 2000, BOE 14-10-2000) como en el Centro Adscrito (Resolución de 27 de junio de 2001, BOE 10-09-01).