Office of Communications

The Office of Communications coordinates the information generated by the University of Oviedo for internal dissemination and outreach purposes.It is staffed by qualified professionals in Information Sciences, image and sound technicians, audio-visual editors, computer engineers and technicians in digital content creation.

The Office of Communications manages relations with the general media and coordinates access to international scientific dissemination platforms to publicize the work of researchers at the University of Oviedo.

The dissemination of research and the comprehensive and coordinated management of information are pillars for enhancing the profile of the University of Oviedo.

Some of the specific services that the Office of Communications provides the university community are:

dUO (Journal of University of Oviedo)

The University Journal (dUO) brings together relevant university information in a single daily publication which all members of the university community (teaching and research staff, administrative and service personnel, and students) receive in their corporate email each morning. In addition, all dUO issues are available on the University of Oviedo's institutional website in HTML and PDF versions.

The newsletter features its own search engine in its HTML version, which facilitates the locating of specific information. All dUO content is managed through the  Office of Communications of the University of Oviedo (

Media Brief

The Media Brief lists the daily references to the University of Oviedo in the regional, national and international media. It is a multimedia tool that makes the information published in the written press (PDF format), television (Flash format), radio (mp3) and online media available to all members of the university community.

Development of digital content and social network administration

The professional team administers the institutional websites and the presence of the University in social networks on a day-to-day basis. They also work on designing new communication tools based on the application of cutting-edge technologies.

Actions aimed at brand reinforcement and positioning

The development of an integrated corporate identity for the University is accompanied by detailed and coordinated planning of actions to reinforce and enhance the brand positioning of the University of Oviedo.

Dissemination of Research

Publicizing the research work conducted at the University of Oviedo is one of the priorities of the Office of Communications, which it does through a variety of international dissemination platforms such as EurekaAlert! and AlphaGalileo.

In addition, a complete Experts Guide is available to journalists which includes more than 500 researchers from all branches of knowledge, detailing their areas of expertise.


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