• A student of the University of Oviedo wins the 2nd Edition of the National Contests Elevator Pitch for Entrepreneurs

    May 30, 2014

    Ainhoa Cid del Valle won the final phase with the Karten project, an entrepreneurial initiative related to teledetection techniques and geographical information systems.

    The winner, Ainhoa Cid, with Ramón Sotomayor (to her right), Agustín Iglesias Caunedo and Vicente Gotor.

    A student of the University of Oviedo has won the 2nd Edition of the National Contest Elevator Pitch for Entrepreneurs, whose final phase took place at the Talud de la Ería, in Oviedo. Ainhoa Cid del Valle, student of the Master's Degree in Teledetection and Geographical Information Systems, has been awarded with the first prize for her Karten project, an entrepreneurial initiative that has already been implemented and whose objective is to take advantage of the potentialiaty of the techniques of Teledetection and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

    The goal of this entrepreneurial idea is to offer services such as the creation of à la carte intelligent maps; geographical analysis for business decisions; management of sports infrastructures, etc. The promoters of Karten are now working on the development of their own nanosatellite, with the aim of getting their own images for teledetection. This project was already awarded a few weeks ago with the Uniproyecta Award of the Universia portal and the University Network of Student Matters (RUNAE), and the second prize in the Contest of Entrepreneurial Ideas.

    This iniative is sponsored by ThyssenKrupp and organized by the Association of Enterprise Greenhouses and Incubators. The Rector, Vicente Gotor; the mayor of Oviedo, Agustín Iglesias Caunedo, and the executive president of ThyssenKrupp for the South of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Ramón Sotomayor, gave the awards during this second edition of the contest.

    On May 23, the first semi-final of this initiative took place in Madrid, seeking to help as many Spanish entrepreneurs as possible, through the formation on the use of the Elevator Pitch, the ultimate weapon to have any chance of finding funding, acquiring good providers or catching the attention of the clients.

    This edition has featured more than 600 participants, 21 sessions and the collaboration of several universities, the main centers of entreperneurship of the country and 300 enterprise greenhouses and incubators throughout the national geography.

    The Elevator Pitch is a speech that lasts for a minute, during which each entrepreneur aims at catching the attention of a possible investor to secure a future meeting where they can explain their idea and project.