• The University of Oviedo opens the period for pre-registration in Undergraduate Degrees with limited offer

    June 15, 2014

    Students will be able to formalize their application between June 16 and July 4, and the first list of admitted applicants will be published on July 17

    The students who want to apply to one of the Undergraduate Degrees with limited offer will be able to do so starting today, Monday, June 16, until July 4. The first list of admitted students will be published on July 17, and the period for enrollment will be open between July 17-22. Any student who wants to present a complaint about this first list will have to do it also between July 17-22.

    Pre-registration in Undergraduate Degrees with limited offer

    The enrollment period for students who are joining or continuing Undergraduate Degrees without limited offer will be open between July 1 and August 22.

    The University of Oviedo will offer during the next academic year a total of 19 Undergraduate and Double Degrees with limited offer for new students. The application may be submitted from any university, since the offer is open for any student in the country. The maximum number of applications is established by each university (the University of Oviedo allows for a maximum of nine applications) and in as many universities as the student wants.

    In the case of students who have a certificate provided by the UNED, who come from an educative system from within the EU, Switzerland or China and wish to enroll in an Undergraduate Degree with limited offer, the application period will be open between June 14 to July 16.