• The University opens a new period for admission in Degrees with available offer

    September 12, 2014

    New students will be able to enroll until the offer is completed in Degrees with limited offer of places, or until September 30 for the rest of Degrees

    Once the established period for enrollment has been finished, the University of Oviedo has authorized the admission of new students into Undergraduate Degrees with limited offer listed in Annex I and the rest of Undegraduate Degrees with unlimited offer. Enrollment will be open until the offer is completed or until September 30 for the remaining Degrees.

    Available offer will be assigned according to the order of presentation of application, directed at the Office of the Vice-Rector for Students, to start begin studies at the university registries or at the registries of the administrative organisms stipulated in the Law of Legal Regime of the Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure. Admitted students will receive an individual written resolution with the instruction to complete the enrollment process.

    The teachers of the subjects that said students enroll in will not be forced to program a recovery of what they offered in their lectures or the evaluation performed since the beginning of the academic year. Furthermore, students may request the transference of creditsa and, in the case of part-time students, they will also be able to request a differentiated evaluation when they complete their registration.

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