Student Transport Smart Card

The Transport Consortium of Asturias (CTA) offers University of Oviedo students a special monthly smart card which allows them to save on their trips within the region.

The only requirement to apply for this monthly smart card is to be enrolled at the University. It allows students to use the train and bus services included in the CTA Travel Card (Billete Único).

Students interested in applying for the monthly transport smart card can do so once they have enrolled. The application may be made via the Uniovi website or at any of the card's points of sale (kiosks, book shops, train/bus stations and the El Cristo Campus offices in Oviedo, C/Catedrático Rodrigo Uría – Bus stop).

After a few days, the card can be picked up at the same point of sale where it was requested or at the one you choose on-line. It must then be charged for a monthly period, which begins the day the card is first used.

To obtain further information on the Student Transport Smart Card, you can consult:

  • ALSA ticket windows at the Oviedo, Gijón or Avilés bus stations
  • CTA offices in Oviedo - Av/ Julián Clavería, 11 (33006 - Oviedo)

10 Pass

Another economical transport option is the CTA 10 Pass (Bono 10), which offers students a ticket for ten trips at a reduced fare. The 10 Pass can be bought at any usual point of sale (bus stations, kiosks, book shops, etc.)

University Centre Bus

The CTA University Centre Bus service links the university campuses with the cities of Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés, making stops to take on and drop off passengers in their cities of origin for intercity trips (intra-city trips are not allowed on these runs).

To make trips within the city, the same CTA monthly student transport smart cards and 10 Passes can be used on city lines (except in the city of Oviedo). The University Centre Bus service adapts its route schedule to the academic calendar.