Faithful to its commitment to the environment, the University of Oviedo also undertakes actions to promote sustainable transport within the university community, especially bicycle use.

The agreement reached with Gijón City Council has enabled the bike lane to reach the university campus, while, in Oviedo, thanks to the SUMOBIS project sponsored by the City Council, new bike stands have been installed at different university locations.

Fostering bicycle use, installing electric charging stations and including a green purchasing clause in tender contracts are a few of the campus commitments to sustainable mobility.

With the slogan "Get on your bike to come to class", the University and Oviedo City Council have also sponsored Plan 30 Oviedo: City and University open to bicycles, which aims to extend the use of this form of transport in the city centre.

The University has incorporated green purchasing clauses in various external service tenders which have led to a good number of contracted company's personnel using electric vehicles for their service jobs.

In addition, the academic institution has collaborated in the installation of electric charging stations for electric vehicles in the Knowledge Mile in Gijón.