Life on Campus

The University of Oviedo carries out its teaching and research activities in three cities in the central area of Asturias (Oviedo, Gijón and Mieres), although it undertakes a wide and varied range of cultural initiatives throughout the region. The campuses have complementary services that foster a sense of collective coexistence and university life, both for students, lecturers and researchers, and for administrative and service personnel.

The University of Oviedo provides across-the-board education replete with experiences and opportunities. The Asturian academic institution takes a special interest in activities that complement teaching and research, paying particular attention to the values of solidarity, equality, sustainability and social action via an exciting range of cultural and sports options.

The goal is to turn our campuses into centres of coexistence and socialization, centres which help take students beyond the idea that they are simply passing through. In addition to the usual services provided by the faculties and schools, the campuses also boast research facilities, libraries, cafeterias, dining rooms, communal areas and computer rooms.

Accommodation in halls of residence invites students to experience university to the full, while the offer in modernized sports facilities enables the development of a healthy life style.

All this is complemented with an extensive programme of cultural activities available to all university students, and a calendar of free events open to society at large. The University of Oviedo has likewise intensified its collaboration with some of the region's most prestigious public and private institutions with the idea of bringing science and culture closer to society.

The professional service that the ONEO gives to each student is personalized and confidential, and it suits the needs of each specific case

The adaptation of the students with any kind of disability to university life also includes the creation of different awareness and information programs within the University. The University shows its commitement with social inclusion with several other programs, including financial aid for students with disabilities who require help with their mobility.

The counseling and assistance work of the ONEO is not solely aimed at students, but also to the Teaching and Research Staff of the University. The technicians of the ONEO have at their disposal information and specific resources that may help teachers to provide a greater and better service to the students with specific needs.


C/ González Besada 13, 1ª planta, 33007-Oviedo
985 10 29 22
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday,  9:00 to 15:00.

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