The University of Oviedo has an OpenCourseWare (OCW) portal that can be freely consulted, aimed at informing society of the subject matters generated by the institution. The OpenCourseWare Portal provides free access to educational material that can be shared with all those who are interested, such as lecturers, academics and students.

This project is part of a global initiative that emerged at the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2001 and has led to the grouping of prestigious international universities around the OpenCourseWare Consortium.Within this framework, the university network Universia promotes the creation of Universia OpenCourseWare a consortium involved in this initiative to promote free, unrestricted access to knowledge.

Online request for publication of subjects on OCW

OpenCourseWare is not a distance-learning or virtual campus initiative where you can study or obtain degrees from the University of Oviedo. It is a tool to allow the free publishing of material and provides subject matters that support the free-of-charge education of any user.