External Internships

Through placements, students take their first steps in the exercise of professional activities related to their degree in preparation for joining the labour market.

The University of Oviedo is committed to providing opportunities for its students to acquire professional experience through student placements, which are administered by its faculties and schools. The processes of communication and selection are carried out via the University Employment Service software application.

Students can also participate in activities aimed at providing support to university services via collaborating grants. Through the Office of the Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Graduate Studies, the University also manages Erasmus student placement grants.

Students enrolled in any official degree offered at the University of Oviedo or in centres affiliated with it are eligible for these placements, as well as students from other Spanish or international universities under collaboration agreement programmes. Graduates or those who have passed the overall workload of the curriculum which entitles them to the degree are not eligible to participate.

Should a body or institution request a particular student, it must have a prior report from the centre, department or institution in which the student is studying. The Office of the Vice-Rector for Students is responsible for authorizing such placements.

Exceptionally, students may request to do placements in a particular company, organization or institution with the approval of said Office subject to a report from the centre, faculty or department concerned.

There is also a scholarship programme for paid internships in companies aimed at those graduating from the University of Oviedo in the last four years. The programme, managed by the University of Oviedo Foundation (FUO), is carried out through collaboration agreements with national and international companies and provides beneficiary students the opportunity to establish contact with the workplace, promote themselves professionally and get their first job.