Career Counseling

The University of Oviedo provides supports to its students through a variety of advice and career counselling resources. Available in all its centres, these are aimed at informing students about job prospects related to their courses of studies, a key first step on the road to student placements and employment.

Knowing in which setting recent graduates can best develop their career and what they can offer companies is the first step before starting the search for a job. The University of Oviedo offers comprehensive information and advice to students who are about to complete or have just completed their studies. The University also places tools and strategies at their disposal to make their job search efficient.

Employment counselors have information points on the Oviedo, Gijón and Mieres campuses. These provide advice on the strategies to follow when writing a CV, how to prepare for an interview, the professional skills of each candidate or sources for looking for jobs.

The Office of the Vice-Rector for Students also organizes a series of free career guidance seminars during the academic year to provide support to university students in the job seeking process.

As a complement, the university places a software application at the disposal of students or graduates, Bancoempleo, which includes information on training schemes, CVs and job offers. The application can be accessed using your personal Uniovi username and password.