GAUDEO Gallery of the University of Oviedo

The virtual gallery GAUDEO is a cultural project that aims to disseminate and make accessible the historical and artistic heritage safeguarded by the University of Oviedo over its 400 years of history. This innovative project provides a full 360-degree virtual tour, an art gallery with high definition images and files on about a hundred pieces, in addition to a digital library with incunabula and unique items.

GAUDEO is an ambitious project that combines innovation and culture, breaking new ground in the sphere of Spanish academia.It opened its doors in February 2012, promoted by the Office of the Vice-Rector for University Extension and Communication, with the collaboration of the Offices of the Vice-Rectors for Campuses, IT and Infrastructures and for Research and the Campus of International Excellence.

The team of professionals used cutting-edge technology, such as the use of a particular lens from Japan which allows a 360-degrees visit. GAUDEO is available in two languages (Spanish-English), thus facilitating its international dissemination.

What GAUDEO offers

The gallery features works of different styles, periods and authors.The tour includes, among other items, parts of the founding altarpiece of the University from 1607, a work belonging to the Prado Museum collection, Christ presented to the People, two religious-themed panels by Rubio Camín, 9 stained-glass windows of the building and the portrait gallery of rectors including works by artists such as Paulino Vincente and Joaquín Vaquero Turcios.

How it works

GAUDEO has two options for the visitor: Gaudeo Ars y Gaudeo Lapis. The former includes a photo gallery of works in different locations of the Historic Building and Rectorate Building (former Colegio de Recoletas). The selection of pieces includes paintings and graphic works, sculptures, pieces of furniture and other objects.

It also incorporates the digitized works belonging to the University of Oviedo Library.One of these, of the prominence of The Wailing of the Wizard Merlin, is the only known copy of a incunabulum printed in Burgos in 1498. Many of the works are not accessible to the public. The model adopted by Gaudeo Ars is that of the virtual galleries of some of the world's benchmark art institutions such as the Prado or the Louvre.

The renowned Spanish photographer José Ferrerowas commissioned to capture images showing full resolution details of each work, which is accompanied by a detailed technical description. Furthermore, in the case of sculptures, the application allows a rotating view of the image so as to contemplate the piece from every angle.

A stroll around the Historic Building

The virtual tour proposed by Gaudeo Lapis visits the main rooms of the Historic Building of the University, providing a 360-degree perspective.Visitors can manipulate the controls to choose how to visit the building. The virtual tour of the historic seat of the University uncovers some extraordinary places normally closed to the public. This is the case of the tower, which offers a splendid view over Oviedo. When users go into each one of the rooms, they will find the instructions to access the descriptive file and the gallery of the most outstanding works of art there.