Student Information and Advice Center (COIE)

The University of Oviedo Student Information and Advice Centre (COIE) is the reference point for all students at the university to resolve their doubts. The COIE provides comprehensive information on all the courses of study offered by the University of Oviedo

The team of professionals working at the COIE provide individualized advice to students based on their needs, referring them to the department or institution that can help them and providing them with all the available information on the questions they raise.

COIE staff provide information to students on University of Oviedo admission procedures, available scholarships and grants and the courses of study offered, among other matters.

In addition, the COIE constitutes an information point where the University's students may request information on official paperwork related to certificates, registration, recognition of credits and course accreditations, assessment or any other matter related to sittings for their courses of study, among other issues.The COIE staff also provides all the pertinent information regarding scholarships and grants awarded by official bodies.

Students who wish to consult the options for studying in another Spanish or foreign university will also find all the pertinent information available at the COIE offices or on its website.

COIE website:


C/ González Besada, 13, 33007 (Oviedo)
Opening hours:
9:00 to 14:00 (9:30 to 13:00 from June 15 to September 21)
985 10 49 04