Valdés Salas Hall

Contact Information

Casa de Cultura. Avda. de Chamberí 29. 33860 - Salas
985 18 23 83
686 44 78 64

The basic purpose of the Valdés-Salas Hall is to support the efforts of the university students of the region, and those of society in general, in any initiative that coincides with the essential goal of the University of Oviedo, which is the dissemination of the available scientific knowledge.

The tasks it carries out can be grouped into several initiatives:

  • The popularization of the university activity through open thematics and to diverse audiences, via conferences, exhibitions, courses and teaching activities.
  • Establishing a course of communication between the students of any field and the University of Oviedo.
  • The creation of specialized courses aimed at updating and renewing working graduates and promoting and designing tailor-made courses, according to the requirements of the enterprises of the region.
  • Serve as a center for reflexion for national and international researchers via the organization of research meetings and seminars.
  • Promote lines of research and work for the region.

The Valdés-Salas Hall was inaugurated in 2008, as a celebration for the 400th anniversary of the University of Oviedo and to commorate the labor of its founding father, Fernando de Valdés.


Isidro Sánchez Álvarez