Mixed Unit of Research on Biodiversity (UMIB)

Contact Information

Department of Biology of Organisms and Systems. Catedrático Rodrigo Uría. Oviedo - 33071

Mixed Unit of Biodiversity Research is a research centre, in which researchers from the Higher Council of Scientific Researches (CSIC), the Universiry of Oviedo and the Principality of Asturias work.

Its main purposes include the study of the mechanisms that determine the spatial and temporal patterns of biodiversity. Mixed Unit of Biodiversity Research also has special interest in the ecology of wild populations and its practical application to preserve the ecosystems and the natural resources.

We analyze how biodiversity occurs and evolves (Evolution), how the functional interactions among organisms are developed (Ecology) and how the impact of socio-economic activity can affect biodiversity (Biology of preservation).

Research lines

  • Applied Ecology, Biology of preservation and Global Change
  • Evolutionary Ecology and Biodiversity

Head of the Institute

José Ramón Obeso

985 45 81 30