Seminar of Constitutional History "Martínez Marina"

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Department of Public Law, Campus of "El Cristo". 33006 - Oviedo

On the 26th of March, 2008, the Vice-rector's office for Research and relations with the Company of the University of Oviedo approved a resolution which allowed the creation of "Martínez Marina" Constitutional History Seminar, included in the Area of Constitutional Law in the Department of Public Law of this same University. The name of the Seminar tries to pay tribute to the figure of an illustrious historian, who was born in Oviedo, and that together with other eminent Asturians (Jovellanos, Flórez Estrada, Agustín Argüelles and the Toreno Count) played an outstanding role in the origins of our constitutionalism.

The creation of this Seminar aims to provide a minimal organizational structure and a scientific project to a group of researchers dedicated to the study and the comparison of Spanish Constitutional History, from very varied scientific areas- Constitutional Law, Legal History, Philosophy of Law, Political Science, History of Thought and about Political Concepts, Modern and Contemporary History, not only from University of Oviedo but from other Spanish Universities, which seeks to strengthen ties between them and other foreign researchers that works on Constitutional History.

Apart from the courses and other research and teaching activities, this Seminar will be in charge of editing the electronic magazine "Historia Constitucional" (Constitutional History) created in 2000. This seminar is composed, likewise, by the "Francisco Martínez Marina" virtual Library of Constitutional History, founded in 2006. The Magazine and the Library are, until now, the first and the only resources of these characteristics in Europe and both are funded by the University of Oviedo and the Centre of Political and Constitutional Studies Centre.


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