Innovation Centre (C1NN)

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Campus de Mieres. Edificio Científico-Tecnológico (3ª planta). C/ Gonzalo Gutiérrez Quirós, s/n. C.P.: 33600 - Mieres (Asturias)
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Since 2003 the Innovation Centre of the University of Oviedo (C1NN) has been working on the information and communication society technologies to be applied to the provision of services to the university community and other entities as well. Therefore, it is a R+D Centre devoted to Online Training projects, Electronic Administration, Knowledge Centers, web design and development and issues related with information security.

Throughout its extensive background, the center has gained large experience mainly concerned with e-learning platforms; web portal managers and CMS; repositories and document managers; development of personalized applications. In the last few years, in line with its collaboration with companies and public entities, the center has focused its know-how on consultancy and training services, and also on collaborative projects in some of the fields and technologies where the C1NNhas proven experience: Moodle, OCW, Liferay, Alfresco and Activity.

Some of its main activities in recent years are detailed below:

  • Installation and implementation of its own Data Processing Center (CPD) (December, 2012): this installation guarantees the high availability of the most relevant internet services of the University. A virtualization environment has been set up (XenServer, VMware) and it allows for the development of solutions cloud for third parties.
  • Continuous support of the Virtual Campus of the University of Oviedo: the C1NN was created and consolidated with this Project. It requires continuous management and updating, especially every new academic year. It covers the total amount of courses offered by the University (5.400 in the last year) and it provides services to more than 30.000 users.
  • - Electronic Administration. In order to meet the growing demand for services in this field, the C1NN has undertaken new projects that deal with fields related to legislation, construction of reusable modules for registry, signature, custody, payment; and it has also implemented solutions, like the procedures manager.
  • - Web portal managers: the C1NN is in charge of the management and maintenance of the main corporate web portal of the University of Oviedo (, completely renewed in 2013; as well as its Intranet), and also of more than 230 websites of the university community (faculties, schools, departments, research groups and many others); websites whose development include different stages: site design, graphic design, construction, layout, content elaboration, training for users and support . Altogether it means more than 12 million visits a year.
  • Participation in European Public Plans (Virtual Mobility Projects TeaCamp and UbiCamp) and also National Plans (Virtual Secretary Project -Plan Avanza-).
  • Portal with like the media library of the University of Oviedo, the Knowledge Center of the Principality of Asturias and Virtual Museum of Asturias, where more than 2000 audiovisual pieces are homemade.


Aquilina Fueyo Gutiérrez
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