Placement Agency

The Placement Agency of the University of Oviedo, accredited by the State Service for Public Employment (SEPE) with nº03-00000003, offers its services of labor mediation completely free of charge, both for enterprises and for job applicants.

Its services are mainly geared towards students and holders of a Higher Degree given their integration into the University. This means that the job offers that enterprises send to it are usually aimed at candidates with a university profile, although, as an officially recognized State agency, it offers its services to all the community, regardless of their affiliation with the University, or lack thereof.

The agency has a software tool that allows close contact between job seekers and companies. In order to register on this application, you need not have previously done so in the Public Employment Service. As for qualification pre-requisites, each job offer, student placement or grant has its own requirements. Users can remain registered even if they have found a job, and they can choose to remain active or inactive depending on whether they wish to participate in the job selection processes or not.

How to access the system

As a company

You may register and look for candidates applying for your offers, free of charge, with the only requirement of keeping the Agency updated as regards resolutions of the selection processes. In order to register as a company offering employment, please access our Services Portal for Companies (PSEMP) clicking on the following link, and enter the required information in the registration form:

Access the Services Portal for companies

Once registered, you shall submit either forms 036/037 or 048 of the Tax Agency certifying you are a legal Company, or a scanned copy of your CIF issued by the Tax Agency, to the following email address

As a job seeker

In order to access our application to see the job offers, please enter your Uniovi username and password, accessing our employment services portal, or fill out the registration form if you are a new user, available on the following link:

Access the Employment Services Portal

In this case, please submit an activation request to including a copy of your Identity Document to validate the process.

Access to the software application

Should you have any doubts, please contact the Placement Agency (Area of Economic Planning and Employability), at the Office of the Vice-chancellor for Economic Planning, Agreements and Contracts of the University of Oviedo. For information related to grants or internships, please contact:

Head of Area:
Enrique Covián Regales
Página web:
985 10 27 80
Plaza del Riego s/n (Callejón del Edificio Histórico)
33003 - Oviedo

Placement Agency of the University of Oviedo