The University of Oviedo is a centuries-old institution with a history of teaching, research and commitment to society. It is a university involved in its territorial setting, which strives to improve the quality of teaching, excellence in research and the economic and social progress of its environment.

Distinguished by the Spanish Ministry of Education as a Campus of International Excellence in 2009, the University of Oviedo's teaching, research and internationalization indexes endorse its position in the Spanish and European systems. In recent years, the Asturian academic institution has increased its international profile as well as its presence in Asturian society, as a driver not only of research but also of cultural activity in the region.

The University is also notable for its commitment to the transformation of the regional business fabric, through the undertaking of cutting-edge R&D and Innovation activities and the transfer of knowledge to the business world.

Within the framework of its involvement with the region, the University of Oviedo promotes different initiatives to support people with special needs, voluntary work activities, development cooperation, and gender equality and family reconciliation policies. Each year it presents a University Social Responsibility report which gathers all such initiatives.

The goals of the University of Oviedo are:

  • The creation, development, transmission and criticism of science, technology and culture.
  • Preparing its students for professional activities which require the application of knowledge and scientific and technical methods, as well as for artistic creation.
  • Scientific, professional and artistic specialization via PhD and postgraduate studies.
  • The dissemination to society of science, technology and culture through university extension and lifelong learning activities.
  • Scientific and technical support for cultural, social and economic development, as well as the preservation, conservation and improvement of the environment.
  • The promotion of cultural, sporting and social activities among the university community.
  • The contribution to the education of free citizens, promoting a critical and participatory attitude at the University and in society.
  • The defence and promotion of peaceful dialogue and mutual respect as ways for people to relate to one another.