Research Service

The Research Service is responsible for the integrated management of research at the University of Oviedo. It performs the functions of publicizing, disseminating, managing, monitoring and justifying the different actions carried out by the University of Oviedo in the field of research and acts as a liaison between the various agencies, sources of funding and researchers.

The Research Service is responsible for identifying and informing the scientific and academic community about the calls for grants, aid, contracts and research projects published in regional, national and international Official Gazettes, as well as those offered by different bodies, foundations and businesses of a public or private nature. It also provides advice on the drawing up of contracts and research agreements and the submission of applications and public call dates.

In addition, it handles the financial management of all research and the management of research staff contracts and equipment procurement contracts, processing the payment of all costs incurred in projects and research grants for national, regional, European and international calls, as well as contracts, subsidies and other public and private aid. It also draws up the justification of the above funding to the aforementioned bodies.

To carry out the integrated management of research, the University of Oviedo has its own software tool called the Researcher's Portal.