Scientific-Technical Services

The Scientific and Technical Services (STS) are a set of Units providing support to University researchers, groups and teams, as well as to other public or private entities. It comprises 18 Units, which fall into three service categories:

Analytical techniques: : nuclear magnetic resonance, electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, magnetic measurements, mass spectrometry, elemental analysis and thermal tests, X-ray fluorescence and electron microprobe, and UV-visible and IR photoelectron spectrometry.

Testing labs: biotechnological and biomedical trials, oceanographic sampling, vivarium and preclinical trials, nanotechnology (includes nanoporous membranes), food technology and environmental testing.

Technology support: photon microscopy and image processing, scientific modelling cluster, mechanical workshop and statistical consulting.

All these services are managed by an administrative unit. Their facilities are located mostly in the Severo Ochoa Building on the El Cristo Campus, in Oviedo. The Vivarium and Preclinical Trials Unit, which has its own building, is also located on this campus.

There are also three Scientific-Technical Services Units on the Mieres Campus and one on the Gijón Campus, where new units are expected to be located in the future.