Research Transfer Office (OTRI)

The OTRI provides researchers and companies with the most effective tools to create value from the outcome of their research and enable the effective transfer of knowledge to the company and society at large.

Among other initiatives, the University of Oviedo supports the creation of spin-offs from the knowledge generated at the institution with the aim of enabling public institutions and companies to benefit from advances in R&D and Innovation. The Research Transfer Office (OTRI) is responsible for providing support and coordinating this effort.

The University of Oviedo makes knowledge generated by researchers available to the business sector. In this respect, the Results Transfer Office (OTRI) acts as an interlocutor in matters of negotiating operating licenses for patents, utility models and software. Each technology license agreement or use of a computer program is negotiated individually, as different factors come into play and each company has its own particular needs.

The University of Oviedo also has a business incubator, located in the Severo Ochoa Building on the El Cristo Campus in Oviedo, which houses university spin-offs and start-ups owned or supported by the University and provides space for locating technology-based companies in an environment that favours their development.