Research Contracts between the University and Businesses

One of the University of Oviedo’s priorities is to identify areas of research which may be of interesting application to businesses and to society at large. Collaboration between the University and Business in research and innovation generates a number of opportunities and mutual benefits.

Access to sources of funding for joint participation in R&D projects

Collaboration between research groups and companies can enable both to participate in specific public calls for R&D projects. Researchers benefit from additional funding through R&D contracts with companies, while the latter obtain grants that subsidize part of their R&D activities.

Stimulating applied research and technological development

Collaboration with companies allows the partners to participate in the development of research findings through to their final application in industry. This joint, coordinated work enables research groups to conduct applied research more closely linked to innovation and to work on solving real problems, while offering companies the chance to apply the knowledge developed at the University to develop products, processes and services.

Improvements in the human resource training

The collaboration between the University and the business world opens up new avenues of recruitment for young researchers in addition to programmes for the training of researchers through the preparation of PhD theses in collaboration with companies. These actions can also benefit from public grants and/or subsidies, in most cases. The creation of joint working groups between companies and research groups allows the partners to profit from different perspectives that enrich the results.

Article 83 of the Organic Law of Universities (L.O.U.) regulates cooperation between universities and the business sector. The types of service that the University can provide under these Regulations may be grouped into the following categories:

  • Research and experimental development work
  • Professional tasks aimed at the introduction of new technologies
  • Work of an artistic nature
  • Consultancy and advisory activities
  • On-going technical services
  • Teaching activities in the sphere of training, specialization and advanced courses

Most common types of contracts and services at the University of Oviedo

Collaborative research projects

In these projects, the company and the researchers work together to solve a particular problem or technical challenge. These projects are usually pre-competitive in nature and often have government funding.

Research contracts

In the cases of research conducted under this type of contract, the companies draw up a contract with a research group at the University of Oviedo to conduct a research project with a previously agreed upon sum and time schedule. The companies receive the agreed findings without participating in the R&D project.

Service provision contracts

The provision of services can be quite varied and may comprise technological, economic or legal advice, a feasibility study on a specific technology or the carrying out of trials or analyses with high-tech apparatuses such as those found in the University's laboratories. The University receives financial compensation for the work done.

In all these contracts, the University of Oviedo invoices the sums agreed upon with the company on the due date, retaining 15% of the amount for overhead or indirect costs.