Business Chairs

Business Chairs are an ideal instrument to establish a stable partnership between the University and business with the aim of achieving shared goals. They reflect a strategic, long-lasting relationship in which both sides benefit from the results attained in the fields of education, cultural and artistic creation, research, development, innovation and knowledge sharing.

Key features of a Business Chair

  • The creation of a Business Chair is formalized through the signing of an agreement between the University and the company.
  • The Head of the Chair is a university specialist of recognized standing and experience in the branch of knowledge of the Chair.
  • Lines of work are mutually established in keeping with the priorities and needs of both the company and the University.
  • The company provides advice on innovation and development, as well as priority information on research projects and knowledge transfer.
  • The Chair covers diverse research, training, technology and knowledge transfer projects, etc. These shared projects are of benefit to both the company and the University.
  • The Chair aids the company in its search for professionals and technologies appropriate to its needs.
  • The Chair establishes a direct line of contact with the governing bodies of the University area where the direct relationship exists with the activity of the corresponding Chair (Faculty, Department, University Institute, Centre, Research Group, etc.).
  • Promotion of the company: its presence in publications, on the Internet, signposting of the Chair in the appropriate place or places at the University of Oviedo, institutional links, etc.
  • It provides tax incentives.

Management and Structure

Head of the Chair: this person is to be a member of the teaching staff with permanent ties to the University of Oviedo, whose appointment is to be agreed on with the company or institution, and who is to have a recognized professional, technical or scientific background of standing in the field of the agreement with the company, this person will propose an annual programme of activities for the Chair.

The Chair may be provided with technical and administrative personnel in accordance with its available funds and the functions to be performed. The Head of the Chair will be responsible for its financial management.

Activities that can be developed within the scope of a Business Chair

Educational activities

  • PhD students and Postdoctoral grants
  • Awards for best academic record, Bachelor's theses, Master's or PhD Theses
  • Lectures
  • Collaboration in company/institution training schemes
  • Collaboration in the programming and teaching of Master's Degrees

Research activities

  • Carrying out of joint lines of research
  • Conducting of research studies
  • Preparation of PhD theses in cooperation with the company
  • Promotion of national and international meetings of experts on topics of interest
  • Cooperation to achieve research projects of regional, national, European or international scope

Transfer and dissemination activities

  • Conducting of research transfer studies
  • Holding of technical and technological dissemination events
  • Collaboration in promoting technical and scientific events
  • Promoting the publication of studies on topics of interest
  • Collaboration for obtaining patents on topics of interest

Length of the Agreement

The length of these agreements is usually 2 years, which may be renewed on an annual basis by mutual agreement of the parties.


The annual financial contribution by the sponsoring company or institution is a variable sum. The agreement establishes the way in which contributions are to be made by the company or institution to the Chair.