Research Grants

Public institutions are currently the main source of funding for researchers at the University of Oviedo. The central government is promoting a State Plan for Scientific Research and Technology and Innovation 2013-2016 which consists of four programmes:

  • State programme to foster talent and employability
  • State programme to foster excellence in scientific and technical research
  • State programme on business leadership in R&D and Innovation
  • State R&D and Innovation programme addressing the global challenges of society

The Government of the Principality of Asturias also has various calls for research grants, such as the Severo Ochoa scholarships for young researchers, and configures its research policy strategy by way of a Science, Technology and Research Plan.

Public and private funding covers improvements in staff training, support for research projects and complementary actions, and investment in equipment

The European Union provides a key source of funding for our researchers, who have an increasingly more important presence in international collaborative projects. The University of Oviedo has obtained European research funding from different programmes. The European Research and Development Office is responsible for keeping researchers duly informed of calls and for helping them present their proposals and complete the paperwork.

The increase in private funding for research is one of the fundamental challenges of the University of Oviedo, which it aims to achieve by encouraging sponsorship and patronage. Funding programmes sponsored by private entities are often geared to specialized training in a particular field of research or backing in complementary actions such as international mobility agreements.

The following constitute the main lines of funding that researchers at the University of Oviedo may aspire to:

  • Improvements in human resources training.
  • Research project grants.
  • Funding for complementary actions (international stays, holding of meetings, visits from other researchers, etc.)
  • Grants for infrastructure and equipment.

(All calls for research funding from public and private bodies are available on the Uniovi Intranet)