International Lecturers

Attracting international talent is one of the internationalization strategies of the University of Oviedo. To this end, it fosters temporary stays by lecturers and researchers as well as facilitating scientific visits, conferences and the conducting of joint research projects with international centres.

The University of Oviedo has outstanding research groups that undertake joint projects with other international higher education institutions. The University has signed teaching and research agreements in countries around the world fostering the exchange of lecturers.

In recent years, special emphasis has been given to teacher mobility with Latin American and Asian countries. The Campus of International Excellence has developed a programme to bring excellent researchers from centres of reference to the University of Oviedo on temporary stays, mostly linked to its Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and Biomedicine and Health clusters.

Foreign researchers who wish to teach at the University of Oviedo, undertake scientific visits or develop research projects are eligible for a number of mobility programmes for visiting lecturers.

The University also has a number of resources to facilitate the stay of visiting lecturers and their families on any of its campuses. It provides support enabling the children of lecturers, researchers and international students enjoying a period of study, training, teaching or research to enrol in the public education system.

Prior to the mobility stay, or immediately upon arrival, visitors need to complete the application form with the necessary information for the Principality of Asturias Board for Temporary Schooling to assign their children to a centre of study close to their residence or place of work. The public education system provides schooling for children and young people between 4 and 18 years old. All information on the school calendar and the curricular features of Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate Education can be found at

Besides its accommodation, sports and cultural activity services, the University also offers excellent training in foreign languages, featuring Spanish courses for foreigners to suit all needs.