Erasmus Training Mobility

The University of Oviedo has entered into Bilateral Agreements with European universities in order to carry out Mobility Actions for members of the Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) and the Administrative Staff (PAS) for training purposes.

This action, part of the more extensive goal of boosting personnel training, includes two types of mobility:

  • Mobility of personnel from a higher education institution to private enterprise.
    The goal is to enable the beneficiaries to learn from the transfer of know-how or mindsets and to acquire practical skills. The activities may be quite varied: seminars, workshops, courses and lectures, periods of hands-on training, short-term secondments, etc.
  • Mobility of teaching and non-teaching staff from one institution of higher learning to another partner institution (for which there is no need to sign any agreements between the institutions).
    The goal is to enable the beneficiaries to learn from the expertise and good practices of the partner institution and improve the skills they need for their curernt employment. The main activity is a brief stage at the partner institution which may go by a variety of names: short-term secondments, professional observers, study visits, etc.

This programme is open to teachning and non-teaching staff at higher education institutions that have subscribed the Erasmus University Charter (EUC/X). The selection of candidates is the responsibility of the higher education institution at which the candidate is employed.

For the purposes of awarding this financial assistance, it is essential for all applicants to submit a training programme accepted by both the employer institution and by the host institution or the host company. The programme must include at least: the overall goal and the specific aims, the expected outcomes from the training and/or learning activities and a possible calendar for the training period.