Mobility Programmmes for the PAS

The University of Oviedo has entered into Bilateral Agreements with European universities in order to carry out Mobility Actions for members of the Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) and the Administrative Staff (PAS) for training purposes.

Stella Programme

One of the mobility initiatives with the greatest projection is the Stella programme aimed at facilitating and promoting the exchange of non-teaching staff among the universities forming part of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU). Mobility consists in spending one or two weeks on an exchange visit between March and October (excluding July and August).

The universities participating in the Compostela Group, a total of 70 centres at the moment, will host the two people chosen to make the trip, who will also receive a sum of money as a travel allowance so that they can share in and learn from the culture of their destination and acquire new expertise that will enrich their professional life.

Those interested must submit an application form to the International Relations Office of any of the universities that have signed up for the Compostela Group of Universities, or with the secretariat of the Compostela Group. The selection criteria will be based on candidates' level of knowledge of the language of the destination country; highest performance levels with regard to their work; length of service and (in the case of a tie) the date of receipt of the application.

Members of the Administrative Staff can also take part in the mobility programmes also open for Teaching and Research Personnel (PDI):

Those interested in applying for this assistance can follow the progress of the latest application process via the University of Oviedo's Intranet (application deadlines, documentation required, list of participating companies, lists of candidates admitted, etc.)