Nomination and required documentation

Nominations/proposals should be sent to by the Mobility/International Relations Offices of home Universities.

It is compulsory that the following documentation is sent scanned to this e-mail:

  1. National Identity Card or Passport.
  2. Application Form duly signed by the student and with a passport photograph.
    1. Application Form Erasmus Program.
    2. Application Form Exchange Agreements international students.
  3. Learning Agreement duly signed by the student and the person / teacher responsible for the agreement in the home university. To complete the section on subjects to study at the University of Oviedo, with code and number of credits, students can check the following quick links Grado and Master.
    1. Learning Agreement Erasmus Students.
    2. Learning Agreement International Exchange students.

Deadline for Nomination and sending scanned documents (not send documents by post)

  • May, 30 for students who start during the first semester or stay for the whole academic year.
  • November, 15 for students who start during the second semester.