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El Erasmus+ KA1 - Mobility of persons for learning purposes - Action: Mobility of Higher Education between programme countries and partner countries (KA107) has been granted by the EACEA under the call for proposals EAC/A03/2016, Official Journal of the European Union C 386 of 20th October 2016. It was announced on 27th June 2017. Its Grant Agreement Number is 2017-1-ES01-KA107-037696 and its Erasmus code is EOVIEDO01. The approved budget is €56.525,00 € for all the project's activities.

The aim of this programme is to build a mobility scheme that goes beyond the number of scholarships to be granted within the budget of the project, both for students and staff from universities in Tunisia.

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These mobilities create the opportunity to consolidate the institutional relations between the participating universities and to explore new possibilities for cooperation.

Action KA107 will be a great opportunity to raise the partners' profile and increase the cooperation in new geographical areas, especially in the region considered as a priority by the University of Oviedo: a key strategic region in the North of Africa (Tunisia).

The Scholarships offered by the University of Oviedo cover the thematic fields of Philology and Chemistry.

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The project goal is to assign a total of 19 scholarships that seek to expand the training and knowledge of the participants as well as to foster the exchange of skills and experiences between the participating countries. Students must return to their countries of origin once the mobility period has concluded in order to put into practice the knowledge acquired and promote the transfer of skills and intercultural liaisons.

Details of the project:

The following universities participate in the project:

  • University of Túnez El Manar
  • University of Sfax
  • University of Cartago
  • University of La Manouba
  • University of Túnez

Incoming Mobilities approved:


  • Tunisia – Spain             5 PhD students       5 months       Scholarship € 800/month + contribution to travel costs up to 275 €*.


  • Tunisia – Spain             3 staff members   (training)    5 days     Scholarship € 165/ day + contribution to travel costs up to 275 €*.
  • Tunisia – Spain             3 staff members   (teaching)    5 days     Scholarship € 165/ day + contribution to travel costs up to 275 €*.
There will be three calls:
  • 1st call: application open from 20/11/2017 y el 05/01/2018. Extended for the universities of El Manar, Cartago and La Manouba from 1/02/2018 to 28/02/2018.

Download the requirements, evaluation and call information here.

Download the available study programmes here.

All the programme activities will be concluded in July of 2019, date in which the Project will end.

In order to apply for mobility, please click on this link:

PERIOD EXTENDED: from 1/02/2018 to 28/02/2018

Outgoing Mobilities approved:


  • Spain – Tunisia     5 PhD students    5 months.   Scholarship € 650/month + contribution to travel costs up to € 275€*.


  • Spain – Tunisia    3 staff members (teaching)   5 days    Scholarship € 165/day + contribution to travel costs up to € 275*.

*All calculations will be carried out according to the Erasmus+ programme guide.

Outgoing mobilities will be applied for through public call published in the BOPA.