Erasmus Student Mobility Programme

Prior to coming, participants in the Erasmus programme who choose to follow part of their undergraduate studies at the University of Oviedo must send the following documentation to the postal address indicated below:

Documentation to be sent

  • Photocopy of ID card or passport
  • Erasmus Student Application Form, duly signed by the student, and including one photo (ID card size).
  • Erasmus Learning Agreement, duly signed by the student, the institution coordinator and the lecturer in charge of the agreement in the home university.

Check the following links to fill in the section concerning courses to be taken at the University of Oviedo, including code numbers and number of credits:

Deadline for sending

  • 30 June for full-year students and students commencing studies in the first semester.
  • 30 November for students commencing studies in the second semester.

Mailing address:

Originals must be mailed to:
Vicerrectorado de Internacionalización y Postgrado
C/Principado 3, 2ª planta
33207 Oviedo
Asturias - España

Students may send copies in advance by e-mail at or by fax (+34 985104049).

Paperwork to be done upon arrival

  1. Students should register at the Office of International Relations (C/Principado,3 2nd floor) by submitting the following documentation:
    • Original and copy of passport
    • 1 photo (ID card size)
    • Original and copy of the certificate accrediting their grant, and original and copy of the European Health Insurance Card or Health Care Insurance with coverage in Spain.
  2. Orientation on filling in their definitive learning agreement.
    Formalizing enrolment in the courses stated on the learning agreement (within 15 days from the start of the corresponding term).
  3. Notify the Office of International Relations (ORI) of any change of address or change in length of stay
  4. Spanish course
  5. Welcome meeting
    • First semester: 12 noon, Friday, 14 September 2012
    • Second semester: approximately the first week of February 2013
    • Place: Assembly Hall, Library of the Campus of "El Milán" (Oviedo)
  6. Student Residency Permit
    Delegación de Gobierno. Oficina de Extranjería
    • Plaza de España, nº 3; 33007 Oviedo
    • Telephone for appointment: +34 985 24 64 14 / +34 985 24 64 15
    • Further information: