SICUE National Mobility Programme

The SICUE Programme, sponsored by the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE), allows students to complete part of their studies at a university other than their own, guaranteeing academic recognition of their studies. To participate in this programme, the student must meet a number of requirements regarding passed credits, which varies depending on the degree.

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  • Undergraduate degree programmes
  • Students who are preparing a Master's Thesis.
  • Students in Master's and PhD degree programmes are excluded from the SICUE mobility programme.

General requirements

  1. Having previously signed the relevant bilateral agreement with the various universities.(List of Bilateral Agreements)
  2. Number of credits or courses passed and number of credits or courses enrolled in.
    Undergraduate degree programmes: having passed in their home university a minimum of 45 credits and being enrolled in 30 other credits.
  3. Under no circumstances may an exchange mobility be requested in subjects previously failed at the centre of origin.

Selection of candidates

The selection of candidates will be conducted according to the GRADE AVERAGE.(See section E of the 2017-2018 SICUE Regulations). The marks obtained up until 30 September 2016 will be taken into account in the calculation.


  • Deadline: from  13 February to 13 March 2018.
  • General Registry of the University of Oviedo (Plaza Riego, 4 - Oviedo)
  • Branch Registry on the El Cristo Campus (Faculty of Law - Oviedo)
  • Branch Registry on the El Milán Campus (Faculty of Humanities - Oviedo)33011 Oviedo)
  • Branch Registry in Gijón (Viesques Campus. Students Section - Gijón)
  • Branch Registry in Mieres (Mieres Campus. Science-Technology Building - Mieres)
  • Branch Registry in Avilés (University Services Building - C/ La Ferreria, 7-9 Avilés)


  • Photocopy National ID Card (DNI in the case of Spanish nationals)/Passport
  • Mobility Application Form signed by the applicant and the SICUE coordinator at their centre of studies. Forms are also available at the University of Oviedo Grants Unit.

SICUE mobility programme

Unidad de Proyección Social de la Universidad de Oviedo, c/González Besada, 13, bajo. Oviedo
985 10 41 04

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