Erasmus Mundus MEDASTAR

MEDASTAR (Mediterranean Area for Science, Technology and Research) is a project aiming at encouraging co-operation between Europe, Egypt and Lebanon, emphasizing science, technology and research. This project is co-ordinated internationally by the University of Oviedo.

Logo MedastarThis information is relevant for both University of Oviedo students and also for its PDI and PAS staff. The process for applying and being selected is similar in all cases. The deadline for applications in the second round is open from 10 December 2012 to 14 February 2013.

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What does the project consist in?

This programme belongs to section two of Erasmus Mundus. It enables students, lecturers, researchers and clerical personnel from Egypt and Lebanon to come and spend time at one of the European Universities that have signed the collaboration programme.

It also allows students, lecturers and clerical personnel from the participating European Universities to spend time at Universities in Egypt or Lebanon. The places available can be seen on the web site.

Who can apply?

You can find information about the different groups who can apply here.

How can I apply?

La información general del proceso de solicitud la encontrarás aquí.

Hereyou can get information about the selection process.

Application forms and details of the documentation required can be found Here.

And if I still have questions?

First you can consult the FAQs section on the web site, here.


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