CONAHEC Mobility Programmes

Universities and other institutions from the USA, Canada and Mexico collaborate in CONAHEC (Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration), in which the University of Oviedo participates as an affiliate member.

The current CONAHEC mobility grants for this year's call are incompatible with each other, as well as with Erasmus study grants and the cooperation agreements grants announced by the University of Oviedo.

What does this program allow me to do?

Study for a semester, an academic year or a summer course at a foreign university belonging to the CONAHEC network.

What does the grant consist of?

Logo Conahec The agreement allows you to pay tuition at your home university and study at your chosen exchange university.

No additional aid is available with this agreement for travel expenses, accommodation or living expenses. All costs at the exchange university are paid by the student.

What are the registration dates?

Registration dates vary according the the participation period. You can check them at the website of the CONAHEC Program.

How many places are available?

There is no fixed number of places. The University of Oviedo channels received applications which meet the participation requirements and sends them to the exchange university, which makes the final selection. In the event that the exchange university establishes a limited admission, pre-selection screening will be done according to the grade average on the transcript.

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What are the eligibility requirements?

  • You must be officially enrolled in the University of Oviedo in study programs after first year of an Undergraduate Degree, a Diploma Degree, a Bachellor's Degree or an Engineering in the academic year you request the mobility and during your exchange year.
  • At the time of the mobility exchange, you must have passed 90 university course credits (revised curriculums).
  • You must have a transcript grade average higher than 6.
  • Before starting their exchange program at the foreign university, students awarded mobility grants must meet the requirements of their curricula and, in such case, those of the host university.
  • In cases where a minimum score on the TOEFL language test, or equivalent, is required, the score must be validated before 15 April of the current academic year.
  • You must determine the viability of course recognition with the International Coordinator of your centre within the established deadlines for submitting applications.
  • In the case of University of Oviedo bilingual pathway programs, you must submit a certificate from the centre stating the courses taken and passed in English.

How do I apply?

Application is entirely on-line. First you have to check on the webpage that your degree program is available at the university you wish to attend.

Then you fill out the application form, which the University of Oviedo coordinator will process. You must hand in the signed application form at the Office of International Relations or send by email to:


Vicerrectorado de Internacionalización y Postgrado:
C/Principado 3, planta baja 33207 Oviedo
For any questions: