Mobility Scholarships and Grants

Spending time researching or teaching at a prestigious foreign centre is an enriching experience for academic attainment and also personal growth. For this reason, the University of Oviedo has redoubled its efforts to ensure students can choose from an extensive network of possible destinations to find the one that best adapts to their needs.

The spectrum of national level financial assistance and also from private institutions allows students who meet the requirements to pay for part of their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. These mobility support programmes are both publicly and privately funded and some of them focus on specific areas of knowledge.

The extensive range of grants and aid available to facilitate international mobility includes various formulas such as short stays during the academic year, intensive study trips or summer courses. As well as continuing to study for their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees at another institution, students can also find specific programmes for improving their linguistic ability.

With respect to mobility within Spain, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport offers grants for students to attend face-to-face classes with all their fees paid at centres located in a Region of Spain other than their normal residence.