Living in Asturias

Asturias is a privileged natural enclave within the variety of Spanish landscapes. In fact, the region is known nationwide as a ‘Natural Paradise', the slogan that has defined it for decades now. A large part of its territory falls under some type of protection and its coast is among the best preserved and least built up of all of southern Europe. The Asturian climate favours the existence of a great variety of animal and plant life in an ideal setting for different outdoor activities and sports.

The spectacular topography of the Principality means you can find peaks over 2,600 metres high and truly beautiful beaches at a distance of barely ten kilometres as the crow flies. This contrast of landscapes allows those living here and those who visit to enjoy superb views in addition to a number of unique enclaves and natural phenomena.

The spectacular topography of Asturias means you can find peaks rising 2,600 metres and truly beautiful beaches within ten kilometres of one another.

The natural wealth of Asturias enables a wide range of leisure activities and adventure sports throughout the Principality. The region boasts the Picos de Europa National Park, while UNESCO has listed five territories within its boundaries as Biosphere Reserves. This unique natural setting has allowed the survival and reproduction of a number of endangered species such as the brown bear, the capercaillie and the bearded vulture.

Along its more than 350 kilometres of coastline, Asturias combines spectacular cliffs with over 200 beaches, some of which are almost wild. It is an ideal location all year round for sports like surfing.