Financial Planning Service

The Financial Planning Service is in charge of the institutional organization of the economic and financial activity of the University, the monitoring of the economic aspects of the centers and departments, as well as of the collaboration of the Management in the multi-annual budgetary planning, giving support in the elaboration of the annual act plan, and the coordination of studies, analysis and consultancy for the economic planning in the governing bodies. Its field of work includes the summoning of the Commission of Economic Affairs and the creation of reports on objections presented by Intervention.

It is also responsible of the inclusion in the BOPA of all the institutional announcements of the University, the coordination of the information via the Communication Office, the management of the Historical Building, the registration of the identity signs of the University through trademarks and domains, and the external projection of the institutional image, by participating in Fairs.

Contact Information
C/ San Francisco 3 33003 Oviedo
985 10 49 32
985 10 29 07

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