General Secretariat

The General Secretary is appointed by the Rector from among the public officials serving at the University of Oviedo who belong to corps or scales that require a PhD, a graduate degree, Engineering or Architecture degree, or the equivalent to occupy their post. The General Secretary is also Secretary to the Senate, the Governing Council, the Rectoral Council and the Central Electoral Board.

The General Secretary has the following functions:

  • To act as a notary public in the agreements undertaken by the collegiate bodies, as well as the drawing up and safe-keeping of their minutes books.
  • The issuance of certificates of the proceedings and resolutions of such bodies, as well as of all decisions or facts included in University documents, without prejudice to the competences of the Secretaries of the University Centres, Departments and Institutes.
  • The management, administration and custody of the Archives and Records, as well as the safe-keeping of the official seal of the University.
  • To provide administrative and legal support to the governing bodies in the exercise of their competences.
  • The management and coordination of the University Secretariat.
  • To ensure the official publication of events and rulings of the University, when legally appropriate.
  • Any other competences delegated by the Rector or competences conferred by University Statutes, Regulations and current legislation.

Contact information

General Secretary:
Eva María Cordero González
985 10 40 59
Deputy General Secretary:
Juan Eduardo González González
985 10 27 65

Different divisions fall under the Secretariat, such as the Legal Service, the Administrative Organization and General Affairs Service, the University Registry, along with all their offices, as well as the Office of Institutional Support and Academic Protocol.