Central Board of Election

This is a permanent guarantee body with authority regarding elective processes.

The Statutes of the University of Oviedo specify the composition:

  • Two professors fully associated to the University
  • A member of the teaching and research staff
  • A student
  • A member of the administration and service staff

The sessions will be chaired by a tenured lecturer of one of the legal areas; this professor will be appointed by the Governing Board. The Secretary General of the University is also included in the Central Board of Election and he or she will be in charge of executing its agreements.

President of the Central Board of Election

Decano de la Facultad de Derecho: José María Roca Martínez

Other Members

General Secretary

Eva María Cordero González

Current Membership

Presidente de la Junta Electoral Central

D. José María Roca Martínez

Secretaria General

Dª. Eva María Cordero González

Sector A (Profesores funcionarios doctores)

Dª. Susana Luque Rodríguez y D. Jaime Viña Olay
D. Jose Emilio Labra Gayo

Sector B (Resto del personal docente e investigador)

D. Manuel Fonseca Álvarez
D. Manuel Fonseca Álvarez

Sector C (Estudiantes)

D. Marcos Soriano Jiménez
Dª. Andrea Martínez Gingeira

Sector D (Personal de administración y servicios)

Dª. Rita Nespral Fernández
Dª. Gema Martínez Rodríguez