Council of the Rector

Within the counselling and guarantee collegiate bodies, the Council of the Rector assists the Rector in the development of his duties, as it is established in the article 54 of the Statutes of the University of Oviedo. It is integrated by the Vice-Rectors, the Secretary General and the Manager. Its members are subjected to a non-disclosure agreement on all the decisions taken by the body.

The Council of the Rector is integrated by:

  • Santiago García Granda, Rector
  • Juan José del Coz Díaz, Vice-Rector for Academic Organization
  • José Ramón Obeso Suárez, Vice-Rector for Research
  • Francisco José Borge López, Vice-Rector for University Extension and International Development
  • Elisa Miguélez González, Vice-Rector for Students
  • Marta María Hernando Álvarez, Vice-Rector for Material and Technological Resources
  • Eugenia Suárez Serrano, Vice-Rector for Crosscutting actions and enterprise partnership
  • Eva María Cordero González, General Secretary
  • Xabiel García Pañeda, Delegate for Coordination and University Strategy
  • Ana I. Caro Muñoz, Manager