Governing Council

The Governing Council is the body that sets the lines of action the University is to undertake in terms of strategy and programmes, as well as the guidelines and procedures for application of these guidelines in the fields of teaching and research, and with respect to the institution’s human and financial resources.

Make-up and regulations

The Governing Council is chaired by the Rector and also comprises the General Secretary, the Administrator and fifty members representing the different sectors of the university community.

Its competences include: ensuring compliance with the Statutes, Regulations and Resolutions of Senate; approving the draft budget and the annual accounts for submission to the Advisory Council; creating, modifying and abolishing departments, faculties, schools and University services; approving the curricula and monitoring their implementation; authorizing agreements with public and private entities for academic collaboration and university extension; approving staffing and the lists of teaching and research posts; proposing the academic calendar and approving the official public fees for university activities; and resolving administrative claims falling under its jurisdiction.

List of Members of the Governing Council

Ex-officio members

  • Santiago García Granda
  • Eva María Cordero González
  • Lorenzo Almanza Ballesteros

Elected by Senate

Lecturers holding a PhD belonging to University Teaching Corps

  • Pedro Farias Arquer
  • Pedro Alonso Velázquez
  • Juan Ángel Martínez Esteban
  • José Muñiz Fernández
  • Isabel García Ovies Sarandeses
  • Raquel Quiroga García
  • Mª Camino Rodríguez Vela
  • Juan Carlos San Pedro Veledo
  • Pedro Sánchez Lazo

Remaining Teaching and Research Staff

  • Alberto Fernández Costales
  • Vacante
  • Vacante

Student Body

  • Gabriel Cueto Pruneda
  • Diego Fernández Fernández
  • Pablo Melody Miñor
  • Lidia Freire González
  • Germán Fernández Rodríguez

Administrative Staff

  • Miguel Ángel Fernández de Oliva
  • Rita Nespral Fernández
  • Francisco Javier Polledo Enríquez

Representatives of Deans and Heads of Centres, Departments and University Institutes

Deans and Heads of Centres

  • Francisco Blanco Álvarez
  • Tomás Emilio Díaz González
  • José Antonio Gómez Rodríguez
  • Alfonso López Muñiz
  • José María Roca Martínez

Heads of Department

  • Alberto Díez González
  • Carmen Fernández Rubio
  • Armando Menéndez Viso

Appointed by the Rector

  • Rocío Aza Mata
  • Francisco José Borge López
  • Asunción Cámara Obregón
  • Juan Carlos Campo Rodríguez
  • Agustín Costa García
  • Juan José del Coz Díaz
  • Javier Fernández Teruelo
  • Xabiel García Pañeda
  • Consuelo Gómez Secades
  • Marta María Hernando Álvarez
  • Elisa Miguélez González
  • José Ramón Obeso Suárez
  • Eugenia Suárez Serrano
  • Julio Tascón Fernández
  • Isabel Teresita Truán Vereterra

Appointed by the Advisory Council

  • Ladislao de Arriba Azcona
  • Ramón Álvarez Bello
  • Maximina Fernández Otero