About the Certificate Degrees and Continuing Education

The University of Oviedo offers a complete and extensive catalogue of certificate courses which enables specialization and meets the continuing education demand of graduates and professionals from all fields of knowledge.

The University of Oviedo's International Graduate Centre brings together a range of certificate courses with the aim of contributing to the education of graduates and/or professionals. By way of these studies, the academic institution responds to the social demands for both general and specialized/professional training in the fields of the Arts and Humanities, Science, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Law Studies, Engineering and Architecture.

The offer for the University of Oviedo's certificate courses consists of Master, Specialist, Expert, Undergraduate and Graduate Training courses. These are clearly professionally oriented, with a high degree of participation by regional and national companies, which collaborate in course teaching and/or supervising external internships. In addition, the inter-university certificate course offer has been increased while its teaching methods have been made more flexible through on-line courses and blended learning.

Contact Information

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