Master's Thesis

The Master's Thesis is the culmination of the Master's Degree and facilitates the evaluation of the skills and knowledge acquired by the student.

The Master's Thesis (MT) is a project, report or research in which the student applies and develops the knowledge they acquired throughout the Master's Degree. This assessment will allow the teaching staff to evaluate the knowledge and skills of the student, taking into account the specific or multidisciplinary nature of each Master's Degree and its orientation to the academic, professional or research spheres.

Each MT is assigned a director who determines the specific characteristics of the work and guides the student throughout its production, in order to ensure that it meets the agreed-upon objectives and to authorize its defense.

The defense of the MT is carried out by the students in public and in person, via an oral presentation of its contents or main lines of work, and answering the questions posed by the members of the evaluation committee.