Pre-Registration and Enrollment

Plazos para el curso 2017/2018

Registration period for academic course 2017/2018

Dates for pre-registration and registration for students from the University of Oviedo, other Universities and foreigner students belonging to the EHEA.

  • Pre-registration period: from 10th April to 6th June 2017
  • Provisional lists of admitted students: 21th June 2017
  • Claims: from 22rd to 26th June 2017
  • Publication of the first definitive list of admissions: 5th July 2017
  • Reservation of places from the first list of admissions: from 6th to 11th July 2017
  • Publication of the second list of admissions: 17th July 2017
  • Reservation of places from the second list of admissions: 18th and 20th July 2017
  • Registration: from 7th August to 1th September 2017


  1. Students must access the on-line application for pre-registration and fill in the requested information. Each student may pre-register in up to three different Master's Degrees Download the pre-registration instructions.
  2. Once this process is completed, the student must send the documentation requested in each case. The documentation may be presented at any of the official registries of the University of Oviedo. It may also be sent by post addressed to the International Graduate Center Director.
  3. The list of accepted and rejected students will be published through the International Graduate Center website.

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Reservation of places

Admitted students will have to formalize their reservation on-line by paying an advanced fee, substracted from the final price of the registration fees that will not, under any circumstance, be refunded or moved to other academic courses. In case the candidate does not pay the fee within the established period, they will lose their place in the Master's Degree.

On-line reservation of places


Enrollment will be formalized through the on-line application created for this purpose and available at the website of International Graduate Center. When the enrollment process is finished, each student will be able to select the subjects they want to enroll in, depending on whether it will be in a full-time or part-time dedication scheme. During this process, students may also request that other studies or professional activities may be recognized. To do so, they will have to select the box titled "Solicita reconocimiento de créditos".

The request of recognition of credits will have to be presented, as well, in one of the University Registries during the enrollment period (from 7th August to 1th September 2017).

Once the enrollment process is finished, students will have to print their proof of enrollment, sign it and send it to the International Graduate Center alongside the following documents if applicable:

  • Students who have paid the enrollment fees must include the proof of payment given by their banks.
  • Students who have requested grants that cover the enrollment fees must include a receipt to prove they have requested said grant.
  • Students who do not have to pay the fees or have a discount on them must include a copy of the certification that proves said rights.

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