Master's Degrees

  • Master's Degree in Advanced Physics: Particles, Astrophysics, NanoPhysics and Quantum Materials

    General Information

    Teaching Languages:
    Spanish and English
    1 year (60 ECTS credits)
    Precio orientativo:

    21,84 €/crédito para los estudiantes del EEES, Marruecos e Iberoamérica y 43,68 €/crédito para resto de estudiantes extranjeros no residentes

    Access Requirements:

    In order to register in an official Master's Degree, it is mandatory to have completed an official degree in Spain or in any higher education institution of a member state of the European Union integrated in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that allows students to take a Master's Degree. Students who have obtained their degree outside the EHEA can be admitted as long as the University can verify that these qualifications have a similar level to the corresponding degrees in Spain and they permit graduates to take a Master's Course.

    This Master's course is intended for Graduates in Physics, or equivalent degrees in foreigner universities. It can also be of interest for graduates in other scientific degrees with broad academic training in Physics and Mathematics that want to become specialized in a particular Physics field.

    Admission criteria

    The Academic Committee of the Master will evaluate the admission applications and, according with the order determined in the evaluation, will make the selection of the students for the provided 20 places, with the additional restriction of not overcoming the number of 12 new students in each one of both specialities. The selection will be made considering the following criteria:

    • (I) Average grade (scale up to 10) of the academic record in the student's Degree; up to 60 points.
    • (II) Alignment of the student's Degree to the objectives and the plan of the Master; up to 25 points.
    • (III) English knowledge; up to 10 points.
    • (IV) Other merits related with complementary academic skills within the scope of the Master; up to 5 points.

    In particular, regarding criterion (II), the Graduates in Physics will be evaluated with the maximum score, while criterion (III) will be evaluated with a score different from zero only if the student presents a common European framework certificate of English knowledge with, at least, the B2 level.

    The Academic Committee could contrast the merits through a meeting with the student.

    In the case that there are vacancies, the Academic Committee will decide if the applicant students with a total score below 50 points could be admitted.

    Attendance required
    • Monday to Friday, from 3:00 to 7:00 pm.
    • Laboratory sessions of some subjects will be scheduled in the morning.
    Teaching Center:
    Faculty of Sciences

    Professional Opportunities

    This Master will provide the necessary academic training to students interested in pursuing outstanding scientific research careers in different Physics disciplines, with special attention to the description of physical phenomena at nanoscale, quantum materials, Particle Physics and Astrophysics.

    The professional opportunities include basic and applied research at academic institutions, research centers and large scientific installations through PhD programmes, as well as innovation, applied research and development in high technological economic sectors (electronics, information technology, radiology, aerospace, materials, energy, biotechnology,…)


    This Master's Degree in Advanced Physics is divided in 4 modules: one compulsory module of 12 ECTS; two modules of speciality, each of them of 36 ECTS; and the Introduction to Research module of 12 ECTS.

    (1) Compulsory module (12 ECTS)

    1st Semester:

    + Phenomenology of the Standard Model and its Extensions (6 ECTS)

    + Quantum Technologies (6 ECTS)

    (2) Particle Physics and Astrophysics speciality module (36 ECTS, optional)

    1st Semester:

    + High Energy Astrophysics (6 ECTS)

    + Advanced General Relativity (6 ECTS)

    + Quantum Field Theory (6 ECTS)

    2nd Semester:

    + Modern Cosmology (6 ECTS)

    + Particle Physics in the Energy Frontier (6 ECTS)

    + Modern Topics in Particle Physics (6 ECTS)

    (3) Nanophysics and Quantum Materials speciality module (36 ECTS, optional)

    1st Semester:

    + Advanced Experimental Techniques in Applied Physics, Atomic Physics, and Condensed Matter Physics (6 ECTS)

    + Advanced Magnetism (6 ECTS)

    + Quantum Field Theory in Applied Physics, Atomic Physics, and Condensed Matter Physics (6 ECTS)

    2nd Semester:

    + Simulation of Materials and Nanostructures (6 ECTS)

    + Advanced Optics and Photonics (6 ECTS)

    + Novel Frontiers and Challenges in Applied Physics (6 ECTS)

    (4) Introduction to Research module (12 ECTS)

    2nd Semester:

    + Master's Thesis (12 ECTS)


    In order to obtain the Master's Degree in one of the specialities, the students must accomplish the following requirements:

    1. To take, at least, 30 ECTS of optional subjects belonging to the chosen speciality module.
    2. To choose as Master's Thesis topic one linked to the chosen speciality


    • Universidad de Oviedo
      Facultad de Ciencias

    Coordination :

    • José Ignacio Martín Carbajo

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