Master's Degrees

  • Master's Degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language

    General Information

    Teaching Languages:
    1 year (60 ECTS credits)
    Access Requirements:

    In order to register in an official Master's Degree, it is mandatory to have completed an official degree in Spain or in any higher education institution of a member state of the European Union integrated in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that allows students to take a Master's Degree. Students who have obtained their degree outside the EHEA can be admitted as long as the University can verify that these qualifications have a similar level to the corresponding degrees in Spain and they permit graduates to take a Master's Course.

    This Master's Degree is primarily intended for the following graduates (in order of preference):

    • Graduates in Hispanic Philology, graduates in any other philology, and holders of any other degree in humanities (Translation and Interpreting, Pedagogy, Psychology, Social Sciences…)
    • Foreign students must officially prove that their level of communicative competence in Spanish is equivalent to level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
    Attendance required
    • de lunes a viernes, de 15.30h a 19.30h (ininterrumpidamente)
    • Prácticas (120h): Se desarrollarán entre febrero y mayo, en horario de mañana.
    Teaching Center:
    Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Oviedo

    Professional Opportunities

    This Master's Degree combines the theoretical and conceptual components that are compulsory in any postgraduate programme. It offers a synchronic and practical description of the Spanish Language (systematic, functional and pragmatic), as well as effective methodological proposals in order for graduates to successfully face their future professional development.

    All these didactic and methodological resources ensure that the graduate's profile combines general and specific skills that will prepare them to function in different professional environments: teaching, management, designing and editing teaching materials, working in publishing houses, offering consultancy services for companies or institutions, etc. Students will meet today's needs in an increasingly multilingual and multicultural society.


    Course content:

    MODULE 1: Compulsory subjects (36 ECTS credits).

    • Language Acquisition and its Application to Spanish as a Foreign Language (3 ECTS)
    • Foreign Language Teaching Methods and Programme Design for Spanish as a Foreign Language (6 ECTS)
    • Phonetics and Phonology in Spanish as a Foreign Language (3 ECTS)
    • Grammar in Spanish as a Foreign Language (6 ECTS)
    • Semantics, Pragmatics and Lexicology in Spanish as a Foreign Language (3 ECTS)
    • Classroom Characteristics. Basic Skills Development and Practice (3 ECTS)
    • Language and Culture in Teaching Spanish to Immigrants (3 ECTS)
    • Texts, Literature and Language Skills (3 ECTS)
    • Contemporary Hispanic Poetry (3 ECTS)
    • Contemporary Hispanic Narrative (3 ECTS)

    MODULE 2:Optional subjects (Students must take 12 ECTS).

    • The Spanish Language in the World (3 ECTS)
    • Spanish Language Teaching for Specific Purposes (3 ECTS)
    • Communication and Information Technologies Applied to Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (3 ECTS)
    • Translation Applied to Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (3 ECTS)
    • Non-verbal Communication in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (3 ECTS)
    • Myths and Classics in Hispanic Literature (3 ECTS)
    • Contemporary Hispanic Theatre (3 ECTS)
    • Audiovisual Resources in the Classroom: Films and Television (3 ECTS)
    • Mass Literature, Media and Culture (3 ECTS)
    • Hispanic Society and Culture (3 ECTS)

    MODULE 3:Internship (6 ECTS) and Master's Thesis (6 ECTS)

    Detailed Information on the Syllabus:


    • International Center for Postgraduate Studies
      Plaza de Riego. Historical Building
      Oviedo (33003)
      985 10 49 17 / 985 10 49 18

    Coordination :

    • Taresa Fernández Lorences (Departamento de Filología Española)
      985 10 44 99

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