Tandem Program

The Tandem language learning method involves two speakers of different languages collaborating to improve their knowledge of the other's language and culture: knowing more about the other person, their language and their environment. Every person related to the University may participate in a Tandem Program: students, teachers, students of La Casa de las Lenguas, Administrative Staff, etc.

Those who are interested in participating in this modality of language teaching only have to fill in the application form. The Tandem Program has linguistic advisors in each language who are in charge of creating the couples, and supporting and guiding the students in their learning process. Those who are interested may contact any of the following e-mail addressed:

In order to obtain an official diploma for their participation in the Tandem Program, students have to have practiced languages for more than 30 hours (15 hours for each language). They will also have to create a diary in which they write down everything they have learned with their partners in each session, and go to a tutorial with their respective linguistic advisor once per month. Finally, they will have to present a brief report on their experience with the Program. Participating in the Tandem Program gives points for students who later on will want to go on an Erasmus International Mobility.